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3 years photo by: Secoya Hillsgrove

Phoenix Farm Firebird *B -Sold 06/28/2022

Over Height

DOB: April 6, 2015


Sire: Phoenix Farm Mine That Bird +*B


Dam: GCH Pheonix Farm Summer Tune 1*M


Date of birth: 4/6/2015


      Fire, I think was fate. I happened to open a Facebook page see him for sale very local to me and at an asking price unfair to the seller. I do not need another buck specially as I am unwilling to part ways with any that I already own just yet but I could not pass him up.

       I am happy to be adding his fantastic genetics to my herd. I am eager to see his daughters and what he will be bring to Burnt Edges Farm. Fire has proven difficult to put weight on but having a new home during the rut is doing him no favors. He is an impressive dairy goat. He is narrower then I really like my goats but he has character my herd lack. 2018 appraiser had nothing but praise for him despite the lack of weight. So high hopes all the way around.





Linear Appraisal:

2018: VVV 85


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