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Burnt Edges Fel's Firebrand


Sire: Phoenix Farm Firebird *B


Dam: GBF Kids Tex Felicity


Date of birth: 02/17/2020


     Firebrand is my little science experiment. The last of Felicity's kids as she moves into her retirement. I truly believe Firebrand will have much to add to my herd. It will be neat to watch my first ever keeper buck mature and meet his daughters.

     Firebrand has matured into a gorgeous buck. He is long, wide, level, and dairy. He was the perfect replacement for his father. Well, I have not yet retained any of his kids it is not from a lack of trying on my part. He throws some very nice and flashy kids. People just want them.

     He is named after one of my favorite fantasy monarchs King Zachary called Firebrand by the Eletians. The Green Rider by Kristen Britain. Firebrand's name also serves as an ode to his sire, who made a massive impact on my herd.




Linear Appraisal:

8 months old. Photo by: Marla May Brown


About a week and half old. Photo by: Marla May Brown

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