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Fern 6 months Front_edited.jpg
Fern 6 months Front_edited.jpg

Above: 6months


Below:9 days old- Photo by Marla May Brown


Burnt EdgesFern  -Deceased 5/8/2022

Sire: Phoenix Farm Firebird *B


Dam: SG Sugar Moon Sunni Shine On Me 3*M


DOB: 2/16/2019

       Goat photo shoots are so hard. My mom is so wonderfully helpful. None of my goats wanted to make it easy at all. Fern is a sweet, shy girl. Being my first Firebird daughter I really love her. It is so hard to write these descriptions on such young kids as they change so much every time you look at them. For now this will have to suffice.

     I was very happy with Fern's first freshening udder. While she lacked height, teat placement and capacity were very acceptable for a first freshening. Due to the pandemic Fern never made it to the show ring. I loved Fern's second freshening udder. She had capacity, height, and improved teat size and placement over her mother. As I knew 2022 was going to be Shine's last kidding. I was so happy to see that Fern would be an worthy replacement. I was even really thinking about trying to get her into a ring to see how she would place. Sadly, just a few months into her second freshening. I lost Fern in a freak accident.




Linear Appraisal:












Kidding History:

2021: Buck/Doe Twins

2022: Buck/Doe Twins






Burnt Edges Keely


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