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Sale Policy

Burnt Edges Farm reserves the right to retain any animal and to refuse the sale of an animal for any reason.


          Goats are herd animals so therefore ALL Burnt Edges goats will be sold in pairs unless purchaser has another goat. I care what becomes of the animals bred on this farm, so I will be chatting with potential buyer. I am not going to sell any animal to a home that I do not feel will take good care of them. I will always be available to help. Burnt Edges Farm at this time does not offer bottle babies. However, I work very hard to socialize all of the kids born here. Dam raising allows for Burnt Edges Farm to be able to leave without the farm caretaker needing to milk.

          Burnt Edges Farm at this time will be wethering all bucklings born. Bucklings will be castrated before leaving the farm.

           Does/doelings for sale are $400+ depending on quality, bloodline, and production of parents.

           All wethers are $100

           Unregistered does/doelings are $250




          A $50 non-refundable deposit must be given to hold a kid/goat. An adult must be bought within two weeks after deposit is received. Burnt Edges Farm does not board goats. Please plan accordingly. If an agreed pick up date must be pushed back a $2.00 a day boarding fee will apply. After two cancellations or 'no shows' all monies paid and sale of kid/goat are forfeited. An animal must be paid in full before pick up unless; cash at pick up is agreed upon. I will except checks only up to a week before pick up, no animal will go unless check has cleared or money in hand.


           We no longer offer driveway breedings.

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