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Above: First freshening, weaning- no fill, about 28 weeks fresh. Non-cooperative

Below: About a week and a half old. Photo by: Marla May Brown


Burnt EdgesFrancine


Sire: Phoenix Farm Firebird *B


Dam: GBF Kid Tex Felicity


DOB: 2/17/2020

      I waited a very long time to claim my first Felicity daughter. I was over the moon to finally meet her. Can't wait to watch her mature. Bit of time and I think this whole litter will shine.

     Francine's first freshening udder was not disappointing. She has a good capacity and good attachments. I would have liked to have seen larger teats like her mother's but despite their size they were very well placed. As for confirmation Francine is a stunning doe. Beautiful top-line and dairiness. I really look forward to her second freshening.




Linear Appraisal:











Kidding History:

2022: 1 Buck and 3 Does

2023: Quad bucks




Burnt Edges Jordane

Burnt Edges Francine's Cailan


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