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Who you'll find on the farm


Well you will still find Uncle Randy and his family around the hill. The farm and property is primarily run by the people you'll see below.

Stephanie B.
Marla B.

Born in 1987, I am the oldest daughter of Russell and Marla. I am the primary care giver of the animals all over the farm. If you can't find me in the barn, with my horse, the goats, or chasing cattle; I may have gotten some free time to do some of my random enjoyments. I am always looking for workshops and clinics to attend because I believe life is a learning experience.

Marla May B.

Known as May, my sister and the baby was born in the summer of 1989. May is full of life with a ton of personality. You will find her cracking jokes and enjoying the social life. She is the start of all word of mouth for the farm. Always a quick hand to help, and the sharpest ideas in any sticky situation.  Burnt Edges would be nothing without both Brown girls.

Marla the oldest of two girls, born in the late 50's. Burnt Edges Farm would not be able to run never mind productive without this out standing woman. Life has seen a lot of changes the last few years, placing Mom at my house for the time being. I have taken full advantage. She is always willing to give myself a moment outside of the farm when needed. She has successfully raised 4 children. I love you, Mom.

Uncle Skip

Uncle Skip is technically retired, however, can still be found on/around/near the property. As he still tends the beef cattle and assists me when I am at a loss. He has also taken up the role of feeding lunch to all. He is a hard man to locate but when you find him expect a good conversation. Uncle Skip has proven to be my greatest source of education in all aspects of life.

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