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        Burnt Edges Farm was purchased by the Brown's when my grandfather was just 3 years old. The house a large 4 bedroom farm house. Charlie Brown was a prominent member of the community as town clerk which he held for many years. Evelyn was a stay at home wife and mother to two boys. My Grandfather Ralph and his brother Bud. The farm sense it was bought was only a simple property raising little more then what was needed to support the family it sustained. My grandfather attended the one room school house located at the top of Beauty Hill Rd. which sadly no longer stands. This was where he met, my couple years older, grandmother Vera Wheet. Who was born and raised on her own slightly bigger farm on a dead end road off Beauty Hill Rd.

        When Ralph and Vera became Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Charlie and Evelyn built a small retirement home just up the road. Ralph and Vera stayed true to the farm only raising what was needed to survive, and Four rambunctious boys. Ralph, Raymond, Randy, and Russell all grew up to become strong, stubborn men. Ralph, Raymond, and Russell took over the farm when Ralph and Vera built their own little retirement home at the top of the hill over looking the farm. Raymond passed from an accident in 1985. Russell after his grandparents passing moved into their home with his new bride Marla Estabrook and her sons, Cowin and Ryan; where they had two girls myself and my sister.

        My grandmother passed in 2011 several years after my grandfather. At which point my Uncle moved in to my grandparents home. Giving my sister and I the opportunity to take on the farm in the spring of the same year. We had lots to do to the over 200 year old home. In the middle of the recession



fixing the house and raising the beef cattle made life tight but we were determined to see it through. I had big plans for the farm. We did little bit by little bit to try to bring the old well loved farm house and grounds back to its former splendor. January 10, 2012 at 8:30 pm a fire started in the bathroom as we were all preparing for bed. With in moments the whole house was in golfed in flames. It was a 8 alarm fire calling in fire departments from 10 other town. By 1 am the next morning the flames were put out and the cattle returned to the barn.

         Uncle Skip (Ralph) was nice enough to help us rebuild. Well the little home we now live in is wonderful there are defiantly days that I miss the farm house so much. Perhaps one day, I will be able to built my own large farm house. For now I work to expand the farm to my dreams. On February 28, 2013 the Brown girls were dealt another devastating blow. Our father Russell passed after a short battle with cancer at the age of just 50. His passing has left holes in not only our hearts but also our souls. I want to rebuild and expand this farm to all and more of its former glory. This farm is 4th generation strong.


Pictured above: Grammie and Grampy. Well they were courting in the late 1940's.

Pictured to the left: Daddy and Uncle Skip.

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