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All other fuzzies on the farm.

Here you  can meet the farms other residents. None of the animals found on this page are for sale.

These are the pups. From Left to Right.


Sarabi (French Bulldog, 8), Rusty (French Bulldog, 8), Kyko (English Mastiff, RIP 2022), Bre (Boston Terrier, RIP 2022), and Anarachy (Chihuahua, 12)

Seamus (Shay-mus) is a 17 year old, 16.1 hand, bay, Quarter Horse cross gelding. He is a true love and I hope that I can bring him to the potential he has..

These chickens and ducks are the parent stock of any chicks or ducklings and the providers of all our eggs.

We still raise beef cattle for our table this pic is of my favorite 4.

My boys were originally purchased for my ex but did not take long for them to be mine.These two wethers started my whole love and desire to own and breed Nigerian Dwarfs. I love them deeply. They keep my bucks my bucks into lots of trouble. My boys came from Birch Ridge Farm so when I decided I wanted to breed I knew I had to have a doe from Christy.


Black and White: Duke (3/15/2014)

Brown: Luke (3/20/2014-8/26/2015)

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