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Finley 2nd f hind_edited.jpg

Above: 2nd Freshening udder. Kids favored a side so uneven but Still very impressed. I had also started drying her off.

Below: 6 months


Burnt EdgesFinley


Sire: Phoenix Farm Firebird *B


Dam: Birch Ridge Farm VB Charis


DOB: 3/25/2019

       My mother insisted I keep this little girl. I was not going to keep but a pair of my 2019 kids. I broke that with Brida; it only made sense to do it again and keep this stunner. I really like Finley's half sister so I am excited to see what Finley will bring to Burnt Edges.

     I sadly cannot remember much about Finley's first freshening udder. I do recall that she had a lovely MSL. However, before he kids favored a side destroying all hope of going into the show ring. Her second freshening udder was impressive. She had height and capacity with the return of her strong MSL. I would like her teats to point more directly down with a bit more length. It's really just direction that bothers me, otherwise she is easy to milk.



Linear Appraisal:











Kidding History:

2021: 1 Buck and 3 Does

2022: 2 Bucks and 2 Does

2023: 1 Buck/Doe twins






Burnt Edges Jersey

Burnt Edges Newlyn


Below: 1 week old. Photo by: Marla May Brown

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