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Burnt Edges Jersey


Sire: Dragonfly DOM Jory


Dam: Burnt Edges Finley

DOB: 04/14/2022

      Jersey, what is there to say about Jersey. She is one of my typical bottle babies. Very friendly, her adorableness wore me down before I could get her image on my sales page, and of course a bit bossy. I had to wait an impossibly long time for ADGA to send me her DNA results. So, by the time I did my sister and adorable year old nephew had started to affectionately call her Moo Moo. I wanted Da'len to be able to continue to call her that but I needed a 'J' name to track her paternal line. So I named her after the most common breed of steer we kept here on the farm. Either way, in my opinion I thought Jersey was pretty correct just days after birth. Even now looking at the 4 doelings I retained by Jory, Jersey is my favorite. She is wide, level, standing well on feet correctly positioned, and mostly teats appearing to be placed better that her mother's.




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