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Above: 3rd Freshening- 11 weeks fresh. Photo by: Marla Brown


Below:2nd Freshening- 26 weeks fresh *She was not being helpful.* Photo by: Marla Brown


Birch Ridge Farm VB Charis   -Sold 6/21/2021


Sire: Willow Moon Victor Breton


Dam: Kids Corral PT Che Sera Sera


Date of birth: 3/25/2015


         Charis tends to draw the eye. Confirmation wise she is pretty sound though she doesn't like to help me show off her beauty as you can see. Her depth has improved with age. Her first freshening udder was impressive. Her second freshening left me wanting but it was a hard year so I hold nothing against her. Her third freshening was very much the same situation as the second. Though it is hard to tell she has nice height. Well there is room for improvement in teat placement and size overall I am very happy. Her amazingly sweet personally is just a plus.



Show Wins-

October 2016- Junior Reserve Champion (Sandwich Fair)


Linear Appraisal:

2018: VEEV 88

2019: +VVA 83














Kidding History:

2017: 1 Buck and 3 Does

2018: 3 Bucks and 1 Doe

2019: 1 Buck and 3 Does

2020: 2 Bucks and 1 Doe

2021: 1 Buck and 3 Does




2017: Burnt Edges Crezia

2019: Burnt Edges Finley

2020: Burnt Edges Charlotte


Above- First freshening 15 weeks fresh.

Below- Dry Yearling Photos by Marla May Brown

Above: 6 months


Below: 2 months

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