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 Above: First freshening- weaning, no fill. 26 weeks fresh.

Below:About a week and a half old. Photo by: Marla May Brown


Burnt Edges Karigan


Sire: Dragonfly CP Keenan


Dam: SG Sugar Moon Sunni Shine On Me 3*M


DOB: 5/2/2020

       I had no intention of retaining any of Shine's does this year. However, this litter of kids were so cute and personable I just couldn't not keep one. This little girl was my I fell in love with but shouldn't have kid of 2020. Will be sending out for a DNA test so I can find out just who she is. RESULTS: Keenan!

     Karigan's first freshening udder was very much like her mother's ff udder. This little girl reminds me a great deal of her mother. I am not upset by this at all. Shine made a huge impact on the farm. Karigan did pretty well for her first show season. The few shows I was able to get to she placed middle of the pack and that makes me happy. I suspect like Shine Karigan will mature nicely over the coming years.




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