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4th Freshening- 16 weeks fresh. Photo by: Marla Brown


SG Sugar Moon Sunni Shine On Me 3*M -Retired 2022

Sire: Chenango-Hills TRX Bombay Aloo +*B


Dam: SGCH/ARMCH NC Promisedland Sunni-Beau-NO 2*M


DOB: 4/20/2014

          Shine is a very sweet girl and an excellent mother. I like Shine's general appearance and she is a lovely doe. She turns a bit on her left elbow. Her first freshening udder well not capacious was well attached. Some of this can be attributed to the single she had. Her teats are on the small side and wing out a bit. With Shine's second freshening capacity did come to her even adding a bit of length to her teats however they still wing out a bit. Her fore udder leaves some to be desired. Shine continues to impress in to her third freshening. She milks circles around my other girls. I have found over the years that many have had their two cents to say about this doe. Let me lay them to rest. She is a fantastic producer and shows well. I am so lucky to have her as one of my foundation does. No further comments required.




Linear Appraisal:

2016: VV++ 85

2018: VEVE 90

2019: V+V+ 85 *Permanent*











Kidding History:

2016: Single Doe

2017: 3 Bucks and 1 Doe

2018: Buck/Doe Twins

2019: Buck/Doe Twins

2020: Buck and 2 Does

2021: Buck/Doe Twins

2022: 1 Buck and 2 Does




Burnt Edges Solar

Burnt Edges Fern

Burnt Edges Karigan

Burnt Edges Crescent

Burnt Edges Joplin

3rd Freshening. 26 weeks fresh. Photo by: Marla Brown

 25 weeks fresh into her second freshening. Photo by Marla May Brown

Left: 2 year old first freshening.18  weeks fresh.


Right: Dry yearling (photo by: Donna Gromley)

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