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Rosasharn YDD Forget-Me-Not *B - Sold 12/27/2022

Sire: Rosasharn CB Ynkee Doodle Dndy *B


Dam: Rosasharn WS Moon Flower 6*M

Date of birth: 04/11/2019


     Notty was a surprising find at the 2021 Deerfield Fair. He was too affordable for me to pass up. Rosasharn being one of the foundation herds for the Nigerian Dwarf breed. I felt a need to bring him in purely on herd name alone.

     That is not to knock Notty in anyway. He is a very impressive boy. He draws the eye easily. He is both wide and long with a great deal of dairiness to him. However, where he does lack is in personality. He is not one for interaction. For my farm and how I handle my animals, this makes him less than ideal. Therefore, I will be using him heavily in 2022 so I can move him on.




Retained Offspring:

Burnt Edges Newlyn

Burnt Edges Noreen

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