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1 1/2 Years Old. First Freshening. 20 Weeks fresh. I dropped her to once a day milking to match my other girls so that is roughly a 12 hour fill. She is almost dry at this point.

Photo by: Secoya Hillsgrove

Flirt Side Udder.jpg
Flirt Fore Udder.jpg
Flirt Rear Udder.jpg

Ebarb Faith's Flirt -Sold 5/23/2019


Sire: Fairlea BreakingNews


Dam: Ebarb Fels Faith


DOB: 4/15/2017


       Barb is a natural sale woman. Well she tried sending me home with three does only Flirt made the trip. Flirt is Felicity's granddaughter. I love almost everything about her. She is long, soft, and sturdy. Her personality isn't overly sweet but she makes up for that in raw beauty. I would like to see more height and better capacity on her. This is just a first freshening and I look forward to seeing what a second freshening will bring. I also only got some terrible hairy photos of Flirts second freshening udder before she sold.




Linear Appraisal:

2018: VVV+ 83







Kidding History:

2019: 2 Bucks and a Doe






Burnt Edges Floki


Second Freshening about 8 weeks fresh. She was not being helpful.

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