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Cardboard Ram 2 2014-10-28-15:26:10 2014-11-1-15:26:58

Burnt Edges Bianca's Boïndil


Sire: Fairlea Booker *B


Dam: Fairlea Bianca


Date of birth: 02/06/2021


     Adorable Boïndil was a buck I shouldn't have kept, but he had such a way about himself. He was a difficult bottle baby but he stole my heart anyways. I named him after my favorite character in an amazing fantasy book. The Dwarves by Marcus Heitz. I am glad I had kept him as I sold his mother and lost his father all within a few months.

     Boïndil is longer and more narrow than his father and the more typical Fairlea animal. However, he comes by it honestly as he is built just like his mother. Bianca was a structurally stunning doe. Well it will be a couple years before I see his daughters freshen. I am happy to have this full of personality boy.




Linear Appraisal:


Below: 6 months

6 months.jpg
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