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Pre-Kidding photo by Curtis Gerry     


Below: Second freshening 12 hour fill

Amethyst Acres TM Theophania -Sold 6/11/2018

Sire: Helderberg BH Trismegistus


Dam: Tragos Trip Farm Trillium


DOB: 9/4/2016

         Theo was a yearling first freshener when she came to me. I hold over so this is my first experience with a real young milker. Theo is sharp and angular with good feet and legs. I am very impressed with her spring of rib and the dairy skin this lady has, like wow. She does, however, lack the width that I like in my herd. After her second freshening with me in March 2018 I found Theo's udder lacking. Even though I moved Theo on to a different future, I retained one her doelings because I know she still has much to add to my herd.





Linear Appraisal:














Kidding History:

2018: 1 Buck and 2 Does




Burnt Edges Tallis






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