1 1/2 Years Old  Photo by: Secoya Hillsgrove

Ebarb Drama's Hello Darling -Sold 5/3/2019


Sire: Ebarb Sophias Eastwood


Dam: Ebarb Dreamers Drama


DOB: 4/15/2017

       I love Barb's herd. We have very similar taste when it comes to the style. I don't know why I wanted a dry yearling but I did. This little lady is extremely sweet and I like that. She is long and dairy but with a bit of stockiness to her. I am eager to see what she produces. I have seen her dam, grand-dam, and sire in person, they are lovely animals.*Disgusted Noise* I forgot to get a photo of Darling's first freshening udder. Well I loved her capacity and strong division of the halves, her teat placement was to far forward. I was sorry to see this sweet girl go but I needed the room




Show Wins:

July 2018- Junior Reserve Champion (NENDA)

Linear Appraisal:












Kidding History:

2019: Buck/Doe Twins






Burnt Edges Brida