Denbow Acres Farm Caden

Over Height

DOB: Febuary 4, 2015


Sire: Old Mountain Farm Mystery Moon


Dam: CH Zeack Farm JB/L lil Layla


Date of birth: 2/4/2015


        Caden is dairy to his core, which perusing his pedigree you can't miss. He is correct and well behaved. He passes all that along to his progeny. He is a well used member of my herd. When it comes to personality this boy is not lacking, he is so very sweet. Caden has lots of Old Mountain Farm bloodlines behind him including my personal favorite in his paternal great grandmother Mary Jane.






Linear Appraisal:

2016: VV+ 86

2018: VVV 86

Above: 3 1/2 Years Old Photo by: Secoya Hillsgrove

Right: 2 1/2 years old Photo by: Marla May Brown

Left- 1 1/2 Years Old Photo by: Marla May Brown


Upper Right- 6 Months Photo by Marla Brown


Lower Right- 20 days