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Burnt Edges Josephine


Sire: Dragonfly DOM Jory


Dam: Burnt Edges Karigan

DOB: 04/14/2022

      Josie was is a fun one. Not personality wise as she is a bit of a jerk and I hate myself for loving her. When I first purchased Keenan and Jory I always knew I was one day going to end up crossing them. When I couldn't settle her grandmother, I needed to do my first DNA testing on her mother. I had two names pick out for the unknown baby, Karigan or Josephine. It felt fun to give Karigan's first daughter the other name that may have been given to her. Also, it makes me giggle. Josie herself is clearly from Dragonfly line. Not sure this one has the personality for the ring so its the brood doe life for her.




Linear Appraisal:











Kidding History:







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