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First freshening- 12 weeks fresh. Photo by: Marla Brown


Above 1 Year Old

Photo by: Secoya Hillsgrove


Below 3 Months

Photo by: Marla May Brown

Burnt Edges Crezia -Sold 2022


Sire: Fairlea Booker


Dam: Birch Ridge Farm VB Charis


DOB: 5/9/2017

       As a dry yearling even right up to her second freshening Zia is going to do lots of changing. However, for now I am seeing so much of her father in her.  She is wide and has an unmistakable presence. I would like to have seen her mother's more level top line on Zia but as a whole I am liking this little doe. For everything that is her sire in Zia it would seem that her mammary system is all her mother's. As such I would like to see more height, more downward facing teats and better attachments. However, this is just a first freshening I believe capacity will come with a second. I will wait til then to pass true judgement.

     Zia mammary system stayed very true to her maternal line. She got a bit more capacity over the years. Personality wise Zia was my greatest love. I never saw her being any where but here. When I needed to do hard cuts Zia was the hardest to let go of. I miss her greatly, but I have the greatest of comfort that she is with an amazingly loving home.




Linear Appraisal:

2019: ++++ 81











Kidding History:

2019: 1 Buck and 2 Does

2020: 1 Buck and 2 Does

2021: 2 Bucks and 2 Does

2022: 3 Bucks and 1 Doe






Burnt Edges Foxglove


3 Weeks

Photo by: Marla May Brown

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