About a week and a half old. Photo by: Marla May Brown

Below: 1st Freshening udder. Drying off so didn't bother to shave.

Charlotte FF Udder side_edited.png
Charlotte FF Udder hind_edited.jpg

Burnt EdgesCharlotte


Sire: Denbow Acres Farm Caden


Dam: Birch Ridge Farm VB Charis


DOB: 2/16/2020

       Charlotte comes from a "Hail Mary" breeding that should have produced all polled kids. However, both Charlotte and one brother were horned. She comes from a polled to polled breeding which gives a 12% chance of a hermaphrodite. I don't believe she is but the math worked out well. The only girl is staying right here with me. I say we see what happens with this little rule breaker.




Linear Appraisal:












Kidding History:

2022: Buck/Doe twins