Brida 6 months Side.jpg

Above: 6 months old. *She was being a real turd. She is not that hocked in.


Below: 1 Week Old. Photo by: Marla Brown


Burnt Edges Brida


Sire: Fairlea Booker


Dam: Ebarb Drama's Hello Darling


DOB: 3/8/2019

       I had not intended to retain this doeling. However, I couldn't help but fall in love with her sweet little face. She is full of personality, and by full I mean bossy. She is hard to get her to do as is needed but she's not gotten a lot of one on one time. She is another Booker baby that looks very much  like him. She is at a bit of an weird stage that she only accentuated by being a jerk.




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